Hello world!

Hello everyone from The Wiccan Gecko.

I have decided to combine my wiccan side with my love for geckos.  The result is The Wiccan Gecko.  This, of course, is an ongoing work in progress … a labor of love.

But I do not intend to confine myself to these two topics.  This will be an eclectic blog, so there is no telling what might show up.  Just depends on what catches my fancy, what I feel needs to be commented upon, or what I want to share or rant about.

Since I have never blogged before, I am following no rules.  Posts might not be daily, or if I’m on a roll, there might be several a day.  They might be long, or short little blurbs as things come to mind.  And anyone who knows me knows my minds tends to wonder quite a bit.  And I love to share things I stumble upon on the web.

So join me on my journeys, wherever they may be.


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