Often times I find an article by someone else that speaks on a topic much better than I ever could.  In this case, the article is about candle magick.  I present this article to you now for your perusal.  I hope you enjoy, and get as much out of it as I did.  My Book of Shadows is definitely the wiser for it.

CANDLE MAGIC by James Kambos

Somewhere tonight in a tiny apartment, a young lady lights the candles on a dinner table, completing the scene for a romantic dinner for two.  And, at a kitchen table across town, a family gathers to watch a young boy as he makes a wish before blowing out the candles on his birthday cake.

Many people may not realize it, but what is actually taking place in these two scenes are examples of one of the world’s most ancient forms of magic — candle magic.

Candle magic has been a part of folk magic, witchcraft and other religious ceremonies for centuries.   A candle’s flame has always been believed to attract benevolent spirits and to repel evil.  Thus, candle magic in various forms has become woven into many religious and cultural rituals.  Lighting candles in church or during Hanukkah are based on candle magic.  The candles on a birthday cake are a hidden form of candle magic.  It was believed that lighting candles on a birthday cake was a way to thank the Gods for prosperity and another year of life.

It is unknown when candle magic began, but we do know that candles have been a source of illumination in Crete and Egypt since about 3000 BCE.

Why and How Candle Magic Works

We’ve all experienced why candle magic works — candlelight is magical.  You can easily transform an ordinary room into a place of mystery and beauty simply by lighting a candle.  Soft candlelight not only transforms a room into an enchanting space, it also transforms you, the magician.  Candlelight raises our psychic awareness and prepares us for the magic to begin.  It helps us forget about the mundane and allows us to focus on our magical goal.

The reason candle magic works is because of energy.  When a candle is lit, it releases energy.  And since you’ll be the person who’ll empower the candle, it will be your energy being released into the Unseen Realm.

Getting Started

Candle magic can be performed by just lighting a candle and saying a prayer.  To receive more consistent results safely and easily however, here are some basic guidelines.

First, candle magic is used to bring a positive change into your life.  In many magical rituals a candle is only a prop, used to enhance the magical process.  But, in candle magic the candle is the magical tool, used to channel your power.

It also helps if you know the different parts associated with the candle and what their magical symbolism is.  Most magicians agree the parts of a candle mirror the human body and spirit.  I’ve found that a candle and the sections associated with it can be divided into six parts.  I’ve listed them here, starting from the bottom to the top.

Holder:  The holder or base represents Earth; the physical world.  Eventually this is where your wish will manifest itself.

Wax:  The was is not only the body of the candle, it also symbolizes the human body.  This is where you can personalize the candle by carving shapes or words into it.  Later I’ll explain in more detail how this section can be energized by your touch.

Wick:  Unlit, the wick represents your potential.  And when lit, the wick enables your wish to be released into the spirit realm.

Flame:  During a candle ritual the flame naturally takes center stage.  It symbolizes the Divine Spirit, and it will “talk” to you by sparking or moving in different directions.  By watching the flame you can tell how a spell is working.  If you’re working with elementals such as salamanders, this is where you’ll find them.  It is also associated with entities such as the djinn (genies), since they were created from pure flame.

Halo:  The glow or halo surrounding the flame is associated with the human aura.  The halo is a good place to focus your attention during a scrying session.

Smoke:  And finally there is smoke.  Smoke serves as the messenger during candle magic.  It carries your desire to the heavens.  Depending the direction it drifts toward, it can also give you a clue how the wish will come to you.

The type of candle you use during a candle ritual is up to you.  Candles made into human and animal shapes are sold at many occult shops, but can be expensive.  Using simple taper, column, or votive candles is fine.  So are scented candles which may help you achieve your magical goal.

Selecting a Candle Color

The color of the candle you use can make a difference.  When in doubt, use white; I frequently do.  Here is a list of colors and their magical associations.

Black:  This is a color of mystery, not evil.  Black can help get rid of negativity, or absorb unwanted energy and release it harmlessly.

Blue:  The darker shades are good for growth and energy spells.  The lighter shades bring peace and calm, and also soothe anger.  Use blue to repel the evil eye.

Brown:  Use brown to connect with Earth energy, trees, and gardens.  It will also draw basic needs to you and promote stability.

Gold:  This will attract energy, health, and power.  Burning a gold candle will draw money to you which is owed to you.

Gray:  Gray neutralizes negativity and removes it by making it inactive.  It dispenses it harmlessly without karmic backlash.  It’s also good to use when you need to keep something secret.

Green:  A healing color, green will aid in gardening, communicating with the fairy realm, and growth.  But it will attract money to you only in small amounts.

Orange:  A balance of red and yellow, an orange candle will draw money, energy, and vigorous health.

Pink:  Not fiery like red, use pink for love and friendship.  This is also a good color to calm emotions.

Purple:  The royal color, purple will bring wealth, power, and honor.  This is also a good color to repel slander.

Red:  Associated with Mars, red attracts lust and courage, and aids in protection.  Use lighter reds only, darker shades can draw brute force.

White:  The color of protection represents the Divine Spirit in its purest form.  A safe bet if you’re unsure of which color to use.

Yellow:  Use yellow to relieve depression and to attract positive energy.  It helps you retain knowledge and aids in communication.

Preparing a Candle for Ritual

To ensure that each spell is successful I urge you to take a few moments to prepare or “charge” your candle before a ritual.  Here are a few tips.

You may begin by personalizing a candle by carving names, words, or symbols into the wax.  These could be, but aren’t limited to, runes, zodiac signs, a name, or a word such as “love”.

As mentioned earlier, a candle is energized by your touch.  This is sometimes called “dressing” the candle.  To do this, hold your candle with both hands.  With your right hand rub the candle from the center toward the wick.  Release.  Repeat with your left hand, moving from the center to the bottom of the candle, and release.  Feel the energy building within the candle.  Fragrant oils appropriate to your magical goal may also be used to dress the candle, or simply use olive oil.  Rubbing the candle with herbs can give similar results.

Your candle is ready to use.

A Basic Candle Ritual

This ritual may be used for any wish; these are the basic steps for most candle magic spells.

Select a candle in the color you feel best represents your desire.  Energize the candle by dressing it as described earlier.  Concentrate and visualize your wish being answered.  Using oils or herbs are optional.  If you wish you may personalize the candle now by carving words or symbols into the wax.  Place the candle into a secure holder.

You may perform some sympathetic magic by placing photographs, keys, or any other personal items around the holder.  Be sure they’re protected from the flame and melting wax.

Now, ground and center.  Light the candle.  Your magic has begun.  Watch the flame closely.  If it burns steady your wish is coming soon.  A sparking, crackling type of flame points to obstacles or arguments.  If the flame returns to a steady burn, your desire will eventually come to fruition.  A flame that gutters out means you’re facing many obstacles, and you should try your spell another day.

If the smoke wafts over you, your request is being heard by the Divine.

To end a session, snuff out the flame, never blow it out.  And never leave a candle burning unattended.  Don’t reuse a candle, unless you’re going to work on the same spell over several days.

Above all, look and listen to the flame and smoke.  Eventually, you’ll begin to understand their language as you master this ancient form of fire magic.


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