Hibernation Spell by James Kambos

“We are deep in January, icicles hang from the eaves and my wood stove crackles as the flames dance. This would be a perfect day to “hibernate” and retreat for an hour – or a day. :)) In winter, our homes become our dens, so why not enjoy them? Prepare a comfy spot for yourself. Surround your space with the things you love – a favorite movie, a cup of tea, or that book you haven’t read yet. And invite a furry friend, if you share your home with one, to join you. Don’t think of anything. Just be in the moment. If you wish, instead, slip into a deeper meditative state. Linger. Let your spirit soar with the snow and ride the winter wind in your mind’s eye. Return slowly to your normal state of mind. Sip your tea, open your book, and gaze out your window at the cold, but beautiful whiteness of winter.” – James Kambos


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