I Have A Dream Spell

I Have a Dream Spell

Today marks the national celebration of the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King. It’s a time to remember how long and difficult the journey toward equality, freedom, and the dignity of all races and people has been. It’s a time to honor the power of nonviolence, the ultimate practice of magic. Contemplate where you can bring more light into your life, look at where you could uplift your attitudes, behavior, thoughts, and beliefs.

Walk a simple spiral, circling in. With each step, identify what to let go of, or overcome, in order to uphold equality, freedom, and dignity for all. In the center, light a candle and chant:

Candle light, burning bright
Illuminate what is right,
Brighten darkness, lighten life,
Overcome eternal strife.

Spiral out. Know that magic changes energy, even internalized racism. Use this spell regularly to change old beliefs, and become free to pursue your dreams.

– spell written by Dallas Jennifer Cobb
– artwork by nxlam1801


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