The Veil Between the Worlds

The Veil Between the Worlds

from Sacred Mists Shoppe

Samhain means “End of Summer”, and is the third and final Harvest. The “dark winter” half of the year commences on this Sabbat. It is generally celebrated on October 31st. It is one of the two “spirit-nights” each year, the other being Beltane. It is a magical interval when the mundane laws of time and space are temporarily suspended, and the Veil between the worlds is lifted, or thinned. Communicating with ancestors and departed loved ones is easy at this time, for they journey through this world on their way to the Summerlands. It is a time to study the Dark Mysteries and honor the Dark Mother and the Dark Father, symbolized by the Crone and her aged Consort.

Originally the “Feast of the Dead” was celebrated in Celtic countries by leaving food offerings on altars and doorsteps for the “wandering dead”. Today a lot of practitioners still carry out that tradition. Single candles were lit and left in a window to help guide the spirits of ancestors and loved ones home. Extra chairs were set at the table and around the hearth for the unseen guests. Apples were buried along roadsides and paths for spirits who were lost or had no descendants to provide for them. Turnips were hollowed out and carved to look like protective spirits, for this was a night of magic and chaos. The Wee Folke became very active, pulling pranks on unsuspecting humans. Traveling after dark was not advised. People dressed in white (like ghosts), wore disguises made of straw, or dressed as the opposite gender in order to fool the Nature spirits.

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Ancestors Invocation

By Jennifer Ellison

We hear your whispered voices
speaking words of wisdom
into our unconscious minds.
Your whispers awaken our dreams,
our hearts,
our desires.
You who are our ancestors
who once walked upon the earth
and were part of our shared life eternal,
we praise you with all that is sacred in our lives.
You who planted the seed of knowledge,
you who sought inner peace,
you who claimed your love for the Gods and Goddesses of old,
we give you honor and praise your name.
without you I would not be here.
without you I would not be here.
People that have come before and gone ahead,
without you I would not be here.
I give you honor and praise your name.
We ask you for guidance,
for you have the power of knowledge.
You have been born in us,
part of our being.
We draw upon your strength so that we may move ever forward.
Your footsteps,
we follow as all children will.
You are our family and with all the love in my being,
I give you honor and call your names.
I praise you with the earth in my palm.
I praise you with the fire in my heart.
I praise you with my breath as I give offerings to your greatness.
I praise you with the blood and water of life within my body.
I call forth for you with honor for all eternity.

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Samhain Spell to Remember Ancestors

Items needed:

One black candle
Oil for anointing your candle
Finely chopped fresh rosemary A bowl of water
An offering for your ancestors (bread, honey, etc)

Begin by casting the Sacred Circle.

anoint your black candle with your chosen oil. Roll the candle in the chopped rosemary (for honoring ancestors), so that it sticks to the candle. Set it upright in the holder, where it will burn. Try not to move it too much, or the rosemary may fall off.

Light the candle, concentrating on the ancestor that you wish to remember. Bring the bowl of water close in front of you and the candle. Position the bowl so that you can see the candle’s flame flickering in the water. Gaze into the bowl, letting the reflection of the candle flame take you deep into a meditative state.

“Candle burning, burning bright,
My eyes now see with new insight
I speak to you, who passed before
I walk willingly up to the door
Come to me so I may give
Remembrance to you so you may live.”

Continue gazing into the water, letting your mind flow from one thought to the next as it will. You may see shapes, objects, people, or other things in the water. Let the images come, and store them away in your mind. When you feel ready, thank your ancestors for coming to you. Leave them the offering you have prepared for them.

Close the circle. Leave the offering overnight. You may dispose of it the next day by burying it. You should let the candle burn all the way down, however if this is not possible, then you may light it several days in a row for the same purpose, finishing up your workings by Nov. 1. If you have any candle left by this date, then bury the remains with the offering you left.

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