January 2014


by Dallas Jennifer Cobb

(From Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar 2014)

Jan 20141January Correspondences

Stone: Garnet   •   Animal: Snow goose or owl, bear

Flower: Carnation, snowdrop   •   Ruling Planet: Saturn

As the new year rolls in, many of us make goals or resolutions for the coming year.  Achieving these requires structure to support the magical energy of inspiration.  Easy structure can be provided by simple organizing tools.

Ask yourself:  Am I achieving my dreams, goals, and desires?  If not, it may be time to add some structure: a finite plan toward what you aspire to.  Assess your organizing tools to see if they meet your needs by propelling you toward what you long for.

While there is a big push to use digital devices, they aren’t for everyone.  I prefer paper.  A new notebook with clean, crisp pages solicits my scribbled secrets, lists, and dreams; glossy art on a new calendar page inspires me throughout the month; and my work agenda keeps my commitments organized and portable.

What tools work for you?  If your tools aren’t working, goals can slip away and desires go unfulfilled.

I need a tool that is private to me, for journaling, spellwork, emotional clearing, and personal list making.  After trying many different formats, I have settled on a large-sized, lined, soft-cover book from Pigna Nature.  Made from recycled paper, it comes in a variety of gorgeous, nature-inspired covers.  For work, I use a month-at-a-glance agenda, usually purchased at the Dollar Store for one dollar.  Sometimes expensive isn’t better.  I like a format that echoes the month-at-a-glance structure of the Llewellyn Calendar, which hangs in the heart of our home and tracks the appointments of everyone in our household.

These three tools keep the finite and infinite details of my life organized in a way that makes accomplishing what I set out to do easier.  With these simple ingredients, I work magic in my life, weaving a web of personal, professional, creative, and relational accomplishments that astound me.

These simple tools keep me perfectly organized.

Blessing Your Tools

Bless your organizing tools.  First purify them with smoke from sacred herbs.

Hold the calendar close to your heart and say:

Bless our household, where everything begins,
This calendar guides the magic within.

Hold the work agenda by your head and say:

I set my mind on good work and wealth,
So organized, I manifest their health.

Hold the personal journal above your crown chakra and say:

Deep within speaks my sacred spirit,
Written here for the Goddess to hear it.

Gather all tools close to you and say:

Bless these tools, earth, air, water, and fire,
Make real these, my dreams, goals, and desires.
So mote it be.

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