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Top ten Irish superstitions for St. Patrick’s Day

Jay Sia | @irishcentral | March 14,2014


blackbirdOne for sorrow!

The Irish are a notoriously superstitious lot, especially during certain times of the year.
Here are the top ten best, ‘old’ superstitions.

animated magpie
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1. If a fisherman sees a red-haired lady he should not put out to sea because ill will befall him.

animated ariel
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2.   If you see only one magpie quickly look for the second.
animated magpie 2“One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy.”

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3.   To kill a robin is very bad luck as they were considered to be Jesus’ friends while on Earth.

animated robin
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4.   The fairies will often take away an unattended child and leave a changeling in its place.
Yeats wrote the poem “Come Away O Human Child” along that theme.

animated child
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5.   Never skip giving money to a beggar as he will inflict the beggar man’s curse upon you.

animated put that evil on me
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6.   On a leap year day, February 29, the woman must ask for the man’s hand or the marriage will be unhappy.

animated proposal
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7.   The wail of the banshee will be followed by a death in the family.

animated banshee
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8.   A fisherman must give back to the sea the first caught salmon of the year or he will only have bad luck.

animated bear catches salmon
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9. If you trip and fall in a graveyard you will most likely die by the end of the year.

animated open grave
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10. If you pass a funeral and don’t bless yourself, ill will befall you.

animated skeleton rising from grave
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